The Aftermath.

I’d like to say I did nothing this weekend, but that is actually not true in the slightest. Friday night, there was a party at the DevHouse (for those of you just joining in, the DevHouse is the student housing available to MakerSquare progeny who come from out of town). I spent some time there, but… the band I manage was playing a show near downtown, and I had barely seen the guys for months. So, as much as I adore hanging out with my #mks2crew, it was time to head home for a bit.

Of course by “home,” I mean a live music show where I was mobbed by friends who missed me and were happily surprised to see me. (And where I discovered that Instagram doesn’t validate properly if you have more than one Twitter account. I got a bunch of great pictures and videos using the band’s Instagram, but they went to my Twitter. I never connected that Instagram to any Twitter but the band’s, which is where they should have pushed to. Sorry if you felt spammed by that, and you’re welcome if I inadvertently helped you discover a great new band.)

Saturday, Nick and I finished what we started on Friday, putting the final touches on our resumes, LinkedIns, and GitHubs. We also watched a lot of cartoons.

Yesterday, despite my best efforts at non-productivity, I set up a Trello board where I could organize and track everything I have to do now to find my dream job. In a final effort to be lazy, I headed out to another punk rock show (where I was again mobbed by congratulatory friends), but that whole “lazy” thing didn’t work because… I came up with an idea for an application to streamline and amplify promotions for local bands, did some quick on-site research on how it would be received/used, bought the domain name, and got a small team together to build it with me. Whoops!

Finally, today, I put things into motion for all-of-the-above, and wrote this post, along with another one or two that will be up this week.