I have a confession to make. I can’t type.

Ok, that’s hyperbole. I can type about 70wpm. The thing is, I do so primarily with two fingers on my right hand and occasionally my left index finger. I lacked regular access to computers when I was growing up, and had no occasion to use a keyboard with any regularity until I was in my late teens. So I just hunted and pecked.

When I did start using computers regularly, learning to type properly was hard, and I didn’t really see the point of putting in any effort about it. I mean, who cared how many fingers I used when I was writing in my LiveJournal about my cats? Besides, I was getting really fast with just the fingers I was using!

Fast forward to the present, and I make internets for a living. I’d like to think that nobody’s judging me for the fact that I type like a child, because, well, I’m damned fast and accurate. But I can understand how it might be hard to take a person seriously as someone who uses computers for a living if they type like I’ve been. Additionally, as a developer, it does slow me down; there are more keyboard shortcuts for SublimeText than I’d like to admit that I can’t properly utilize. And I don’t expect to ever learn vim this way, either.

So, as of earlier today, including this entry, I’m going to ask for a bit of typo and slowness forgiveness in my written communications (particularly in chats and wherever else speed is relevant). I’m typing with two hands now, sort of by touch. It’s slow and my left hand is tired and sore after only a day of it. I’ll be writing most of my code one handed for a bit longer, until I can get either faster or more accurate doing it the right way. It’s important that I teach myself this new process and retrain my muscle memory, but it’s also important that I not become less productive at work in the meantime. Also, I’d like to not totally lose my freak ability by gaining a new skill.

Whoops. Forgot to post again!

Damn, I guess I was so busy with my shiny new job, I forgot to post.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve been employed for a whole month now! I got my official job offer just about two weeks after finishing MakerSquare. Pretty cool, huh?

I do front-end development at an interactive agency here in Austin. Translation: I do a lot of Javascript and CSS stuff to build custom web experiences for our clients. It’s pretty cool. I like the people I work with (most notably @wayspurrchen, who spends a lot of time helping me get up to speed), and the work is challenging in a good way.

That said, when I say “challenging,” I’m not joking around. It’s a PHP shop. As you may recall, at @MakerSquare, I learned Ruby/Rails, not PHP/Laravel. Laravel is an MVC framework, like Rails. I can figure out reasonably accurately where things go or are supposed to go within that, but PHP and Ruby are syntactically different enough that it has taken me this whole month to get to a point where I was able to debug something I had screwed up in a controller today.

The only real bummer about working in a PHP shop is that I have less time to keep practicing Rails. At the moment, I have no time. Between acclimating to a new job and the holiday rush (throw an extra “holiday” in there, too–my birthday is mid-December, and I firmly believe that throwing anything less than a 3-day celebration for one’s birthday = doing it wrong), any downtime I get at all is pretty much spent sleeping.

Things should get better on that front after tonight. With no more holidays/birthday stuff to worry about for a while, and with more of my #mks2 homies accepting job offers every week, there should be time again to work with Rails in my off-time. My pet project is stalled at the moment, because the one thing I really need from Facebook to have an MVP (graph search for events) isn’t something their API supports (yet?) and I don’t want to violate their TOS, but I’m excited for some collaborations on other people’s upcoming projects that I’ve been offered. Bonus: I won’t have to be my own project manager!

Lest I come off whiny, let me be clear here: my life is awesome right now. The majority of my time is spent getting paid to do something I enjoy, in an environment where I’m encouraged to learn. I’m mentoring two awesome chicks (@JesseDowntown from #mks3, and one of my oldest friends back in Jersey via Skype) in their coding journeys. I had a great birthday, and these hectic life circumstances have led me to place a priority on getting enough rest (and in doing so, I’m winning the battle better than ever against a lifelong circadian rhythm disorder). 2013 has been kickass, and 2014 is looking even better!