I have a confession to make. I can’t type.

Ok, that’s hyperbole. I can type about 70wpm. The thing is, I do so primarily with two fingers on my right hand and occasionally my left index finger. I lacked regular access to computers when I was growing up, and had no occasion to use a keyboard with any regularity until I was in my late teens. So I just hunted and pecked.

When I did start using computers regularly, learning to type properly was hard, and I didn’t really see the point of putting in any effort about it. I mean, who cared how many fingers I used when I was writing in my LiveJournal about my cats? Besides, I was getting really fast with just the fingers I was using!

Fast forward to the present, and I make internets for a living. I’d like to think that nobody’s judging me for the fact that I type like a child, because, well, I’m damned fast and accurate. But I can understand how it might be hard to take a person seriously as someone who uses computers for a living if they type like I’ve been. Additionally, as a developer, it does slow me down; there are more keyboard shortcuts for SublimeText than I’d like to admit that I can’t properly utilize. And I don’t expect to ever learn vim this way, either.

So, as of earlier today, including this entry, I’m going to ask for a bit of typo and slowness forgiveness in my written communications (particularly in chats and wherever else speed is relevant). I’m typing with two hands now, sort of by touch. It’s slow and my left hand is tired and sore after only a day of it. I’ll be writing most of my code one handed for a bit longer, until I can get either faster or more accurate doing it the right way.┬áIt’s important that I teach myself this new process and retrain my muscle memory, but it’s also important that I not become less productive at work in the meantime. Also, I’d like to not totally lose my freak ability by gaining a new skill.

Hello world!

Hello world, indeed! I’m Nicole, and I’m incredibly excited to be joining the fall 2013 cohort of The Maker Square. I’ll talk more about why this is going to be such a game-changer in my life later, but for now, I’m just here to express my happiness at having this, my first blog post, up for you to read.

To be fair, this isn’t really my first ever blog post. I’ve kept a private blog for years on; the sort where one keeps up with old friends with postings about day-to-day life and the terrific dinner I had last night. It’s been fun there, and certainly a great exercise in how to write for an audience, but there are only so many posts of, “I had a cheese sandwich today, here’s a picture of my cat,” that anybody but my Mom wants to read. Since part of becoming a web developer is having a public presence on the web, one of my first projects, before I even start out in the program itself, was to get this real blog up and running.

Believe it or not, in the ten years I’ve been geeking around the internet, I’ve never had any reason to set up a proper space of my own before, although I did once figure out how to point a domain name to a Tumblr account. So, just getting this blog up and running has proved to be a learning experience.

So… hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but cool stuff is coming, so subscribe, maybe?