all day and all night

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I spent the week before last moving from one part of town to another, and last week was all about unpacking and organizing with my new roommates. My life has been chaotic, to say the least. The evidence of this chaos is all around me, in the form of all the things around the apartment that my roommates and I haven’t had a chance to unpack before resuming our regular daily lives (which are, of course, enhanced greatly by the fact that our new complex has a pool).

Of course, we got the vital stuff squared away quickly. The kitchen is organized (with 10 whisks, at least 50 coffee mugs, and enough baking equipment to start a small cake business between us), and, more importantly, my “office” is set up, bigger and better than ever. My new desk is huge, and I’ve set things up so that my TV is also my second monitor. Coding has never been so comfortable, leaned back in my nice reclining drafting chair, keyboard propped up ergonomically above my lap, blasting through Codecademy exercises on this huge screen.

In exactly 3 weeks, I start MakerSquare. Between the minor life upheaval of moving and the impending major upheaval that is the program itself, I’m both extremely excited and somewhat stressed. Time management is the big issue at the moment; I have to get everything in my room organized (I really have too much stuff) before MakerSquare, while also staying on schedule with my prework for MakerSquare (one of my deadlines for that is this week). And all of this, of course, must be worked around my daily break at the pool. At age 31, I’ve finally learned to float, and my freestyle swim stroke is beginning to look less like flailing and more like actual swimming. It’s remarkable what one can accomplish in an hour a day within two weeks.

I think my brain is full for the day.

I do bookings and other managerial stuff for a local punk rock band. It’s more of a hobby than a job, really. They’re my friends, and none of them like dealing with the more business-related parts of being in a band, so I do it for them. Usually, it takes 15 minutes a day. (They’re pretty small time right now, haha. None of us are getting paid for this.)

My one responsibility other than getting them shows is actually promoting those shows via Facebook. Today, I slacked on that until about 11pm, because I was busy plowing through Ruby lessons on Codecademy.

When I looked up at the clock and realized I hadn’t made today’s band post, I opened Facebook in a new tab, and banged that out super fast… then went back a moment later to look at it, and realized I had written out the full lineup of Monday night’s show as a hash.

I guess I’m learning!

To note for later exploration:

I think it was when I was messing with Python a few months ago (what a delightfully weird statement, taken out of context) when I first learned about if/else statements.

I’m about halfway through Codecademy’s Ruby track right now, learning about if/else statements again. I just spent a slightly embarrassing amount of time trying to pass one exercise before finding code in the help forums that looked just like mine, save for one exception: the code that worked had an “elsif” where I had an “else.” I used “else” because there were only two options within this method, and I remember learning *somewhere* that you don’t use “elsif” when you’re not going to put an “else” after it.

It’s very possible that I learned this in Python and it doesn’t apply the same way in Ruby. Of course, it’s also possible (by which I mean “likely”) that I shouldn’t be trying to do my homework at 3:30am after eating a giant dinner of porkchops (meat coma, hooray!) at the end of a long day. I don’t know, but I intend to find out.

Hello world!

Hello world, indeed! I’m Nicole, and I’m incredibly excited to be joining the fall 2013 cohort of The Maker Square. I’ll talk more about why this is going to be such a game-changer in my life later, but for now, I’m just here to express my happiness at having this, my first blog post, up for you to read.

To be fair, this isn’t really my first ever blog post. I’ve kept a private blog for years on; the sort where one keeps up with old friends with postings about day-to-day life and the terrific dinner I had last night. It’s been fun there, and certainly a great exercise in how to write for an audience, but there are only so many posts of, “I had a cheese sandwich today, here’s a picture of my cat,” that anybody but my Mom wants to read. Since part of becoming a web developer is having a public presence on the web, one of my first projects, before I even start out in the program itself, was to get this real blog up and running.

Believe it or not, in the ten years I’ve been geeking around the internet, I’ve never had any reason to set up a proper space of my own before, although I did once figure out how to point a domain name to a Tumblr account. So, just getting this blog up and running has proved to be a learning experience.

So… hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but cool stuff is coming, so subscribe, maybe?