Week Two Recap

I’m not even going to discuss in detail how far behind I felt in class for most of this week. Really, pretty much from last Friday on, my confidence was dropping as fast as my own assessment of my abilities.

Luckily, I have some pretty great instructors who are incredibly responsive to the needs of their students. When they realized that a good handful of the beginners in my cohort were feeling the burn maybe a bit faster than they meant us to, they set up office hours so we could get extra help. Between attending office hours, Shehzan and Mike’s patience in answering my questions well after 6pm, and learning about RSpec in regular class time on Wednesday, everything started to gel. A lot of what was eluding me in Ruby now makes sense.

On Friday, I finished both my evaluation projects (like weekly tests, except we don’t get report cards in bootcamp) with enough time left in the day to get one last pull request in on GitHub (for a total of three that day): the project that had started my spiral of frustration last Friday. I have no idea if three is a lot, a normal amount for a productive day, or total amateur level stuff, but I’ve been coding for two weeks and it’s my personal best, so I feel pretty damned good about it.

One thing I’m really loving about this immersive “bootcamp” learning experience is the absolutely ridiculous level of intensity, no matter how stressed I sometimes feel. I simply do not have the time to fully indulge in things like insecurity. The only way out is through. (Totally jacking that phrase from a classmate’s t-shirt, by the way.) I will do this. I can do this. I made 14 RSpec tests pass in 3 hours (again, no clue if this is a lot or not, but all that green made me happy). I got this.  

# don't actually run this code:
life = ['code', 'sleep', 'eat']
  life.each do |activity|
    puts activity 
    life << life

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