all day and all night

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I spent the week before last moving from one part of town to another, and last week was all about unpacking and organizing with my new roommates. My life has been chaotic, to say the least. The evidence of this chaos is all around me, in the form of all the things around the apartment that my roommates and I haven’t had a chance to unpack before resuming our regular daily lives (which are, of course, enhanced greatly by the fact that our new complex has a pool).

Of course, we got the vital stuff squared away quickly. The kitchen is organized (with 10 whisks, at least 50 coffee mugs, and enough baking equipment to start a small cake business between us), and, more importantly, my “office” is set up, bigger and better than ever. My new desk is huge, and I’ve set things up so that my TV is also my second monitor. Coding has never been so comfortable, leaned back in my nice reclining drafting chair, keyboard propped up ergonomically above my lap, blasting through Codecademy exercises on this huge screen.

In exactly 3 weeks, I start MakerSquare. Between the minor life upheaval of moving and the impending major upheaval that is the program itself, I’m both extremely excited and somewhat stressed. Time management is the big issue at the moment; I have to get everything in my room organized (I really have too much stuff) before MakerSquare, while also staying on schedule with my prework for MakerSquare (one of my deadlines for that is this week). And all of this, of course, must be worked around my daily break at the pool. At age 31, I’ve finally learned to float, and my freestyle swim stroke is beginning to look less like flailing and more like actual swimming. It’s remarkable what one can accomplish in an hour a day within two weeks.